Really lovely people who take time and explain the diagnosis + happy to answer any questions. Would recommend this practice to anyone.
Thank you.


Extremely polite and welcoming - Easy to talk with and receive full explainations for more understanding towards the physio needed. Would recommend to anyone, no changes needed.
A professional and excellent service as always at this practice.
Made my life so much better.
Thank you.
This is an excellent practice
Dear Mr King,
You very Kindly saw me three weeks ago today, and have cheered me up immensley.
You showed me a stretch exercise for my sciatica and right hip ligament pain. I've done it diligently, and now feel, well positively joyful! I nip up the stairs in a normal manner rather than on my hands and knuckles; I've done a fair bit of judicious gardening, and even awful old vacuuming, not to say cleaned my teeth in perfect comfort, too.
I am absolutley and totally grateful and can't say thank you enough.
Thank you thank you thank you.